ERIK The Lone Wolf by Sarah Finan

 – Erik Is Off To Enjoy Life His Way –


Erik lives in a wolf pack that does everything together. This sounds perfect, but Erik gets a little tired of being told what to do, including look after his sister. Finally, Erik’s had enough and decides to become a lone wolf. He is sure he will be much happier by himself, and he is for a little while until he misses one very important sign.

Cons: While it’s a good book, it felt a bit familiar to other stories in the same category.

Pros: The illustrations are very good and the story is a good lesson. I’m also wondering if this type of book might appeal more to boys, which would make it stand out a bit from others like it.

Author/Illustrator: Sarah Finan

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2018

  • Approx Words:  
  • Ages:   4 – 7
  • Pages:  32

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