Not ‘Til Tomorrow, Phoebe / by Julie Zwillich

– Waiting Can Be So Harrrrrd! –

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Book Available March 15, 2018


Like many children, Phoebe gets so excited about things that will happen tomorrow that she begins to dislike the word tomorrow.  After all, she doesn’t get pancakes until tomorrow, a haircut will be tomorrow and musicians will visit her school tomorrow. It seems like tomorrow will never come. She visits her grammy who shares a secret ingredient that might help with Phoebe’s problem of waiting for tomorrow.

Cons: At one point Phoebe tells her mom “tomorrow” when Mom asks her to stop kicking the back of her car seat. Obviously, she is not understanding the concept of tomorrow, but lashing out with some anger. So I had trouble with Grammy basically fixing everything with her thoughts about a secret ingredient. Phoebe really does nothing to work out her problem except to like Grammy’s idea.

Pros: Overall, this book can open talks about how hard it is to wait and would Grammy’s secret ingredient work or can other ideas work as well?

Author: Julie Zwillich

Illustrator: Denise Holmes

Published by Owlkids Books, 2018

  • Approx Words:
  • Ages:   3 – 7
  • Pages:  32

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