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– Can Every Kid Be Brave? –


Very simple text accompanies colorful illustrations of examples of bravery. As an example, there is an illustration of a girl with a teddy bear sticking out of her backpack. She is on a hike, leading the way, with six ducks and a boy following her. The text is, “A brave kid leads the team.” Another shows a child on the shoulders of another. The child is reaching for a cat in a tree. The text is, “A brave kid answers the call.” The illustrations are of a diverse group of children. One child may prove bravery on a page, then the next page will show another child from the crowd illustrating bravery; the child on the previous page can now be seen in the background with the other children. The illustrations fill a two-page spread and the sparse text is large and easy for early readers.

Cons: None

Pros: While many kids no doubt correlate bravery with superheroes, this story, on a very simple level, points out that everyday things can be acts of bravery. As illustrated in the book, checking under the bed for monsters and visiting a sick friend in the hospital can be scary, and it takes a little bravery to do these things. 

Author: Stacy McAnulty

Illustrator: Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Publisher:  Running Press Kids, 2017

  • Approx Words: 71
  • Ages: 4 – 7
  • Pages: 32

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