Duck On A Tractor by David Shannon

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 – What Is That Mischievous Duck Up To? –


Since Duck found he could ride a bike, Duck On A Bike, he’s sure he can drive a tractor too. So he climbs on the tractor, fiddles around a bit, and with a cough and a rumble, the tractor is running. “Climb on, everybody!” he shouts to his friends. A dog, cow, goat, cat, sheep, chicken, horse, two pigs, and a mouse climb aboard. Duck takes the tractor to town and drives by the local diner.The farmer realizes that the beautiful tractor driving by is his! However, about that time the tractor stops and the dial is pointing to E. The Dog says he thinks it means it’s the End of their ride. Oops! What now?

Cons: Though the illustrations are very detailed and the people fun caricatures, they don’t feel very kid-friendly. I also felt the text was a bit long and repetitive.

Pros: Many of the illustrations are outstanding, and I especially loved the cover of the book.

Author / Illustrator: David Shannon

Published by Blue Sky Press, 2016

  • Approx Words: 868
  • Ages: 4 – 8
  • Pages: 40

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