ROSE’S GARDEN by Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds Picture Book

– Seeds Of Hope And Service –


Rose is a dreamer, adventurer, and collector of seeds who travels the world in a teapot. Soon her teapot is brimmed with seeds and she decides it’s time to plant a flower garden. She heads for the city and locates a forgotten stretch of dirt that needs a little color. She prepares the ground for her seeds but when she returns to her teapot she finds that birds have had a feast on them. Though she looks a bit sad she gathers the few remaining seeds and hurries back to her little plot of ground. She plants the few seeds. Patiently waits. Too much rain. Too much sun. Autumn comes too early. Winter. Still, no flowers as spring warms the ground. Word spreads of Rose’s faith in her garden. But what garden?

This picture book was inspired by and dedicated to the late Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Cons: None

Pros: A great story of sharing nature, community, faith, and imagination. The illustrations complement the story beautifully.

Author/Illustrations: Peter H. Reynolds

Publisher:  Orchard Books, 2009

  • Approx Words: 459
  • Ages: 5 –  and up
  • Pages: 40


YouTube Book Trailer

Five Questions (Plus One!) by Peter H. Reynolds


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