11X Magic by Sharon Clark

by Sharon Clark

– Can 11X Math Be Magical?  –


A book that teaches in such a fun way that kids may not know they are learning. The first thing that should catch a child’s attention is that a wizard greets the reader. “Well – hi there! It’s so nice to see you! How did you find my kingdom here / Where magical patterns in math appear?” The story is told in rhyme and introduces the reader to three floors of 11X math: multiplying by single, double, and triple digit numbers. The first floor is very simple, the third most difficult. There is a pattern to each floor’s lesson, and the reader, with some help, is asked to discover the pattern. The rhyme is done well and the illustrations keep the story interesting. As an example, each floor has a different method of getting there and the illustrations add excitement to the math story.

Cons: None

Pros: As an adult I found this book enlightening. I see the story as a wonderful teaching aid for classrooms and individual readers. The illustrations are extremely well done and the story, which could have been a bit dry and boring, didn’t touch on either. I would highly recommend 11X Magic.

Author: Sharon Clark

Illustrator: Roberto Gonzalez

Published by: Sharon Clark, 2017

  • Ages: 7 – 10
  • Pages: 34

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