The Goat With Many Coats by Leanne Lauricella

Based on True Story

– Why Is A Goat Wearing a Coat? –


An orphaned goat named Prospect weighs only one pound. When a woman adopts him she soon realizes that he’s so tiny that his coat isn’t thick enough to keep him warm, so she gives him a coat to wear. As soon as his coat is zipped and buttoned he begins to act warmer and stronger. Prospect starts wearing lots of different coats and even a cape. His new mom begins taking pictures of him and posting them on the Internet for others to see. Soon Prospect starts getting coats from nice people all over the world! But will Prospect be able to fit in with the goats that live outside when he gets older?¬†

Cons: None

Pros: ¬†This is a cute story. In the back of the book, there are a few photos of the real Prospect and his coats. When Leanne Lauricella, the author of the book, started posting pictures of Prospect on Instagram, people all over the world started sending little coats to him. Leanne is often called “Goat Mama” since she rescues baby goats and runs a farm called Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey, where she cares for more than 50 goats.

This is a good story to open discussions about caring for animals and animal rescue.

Author: Leanne Lauricella

Illustrator: Jill Howarth

Published by: Walter Foster Jr., 2017

  • Approx Words:583
  • Ages: 3 – 6
  • Pages: 32

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