When Fur and Feather Get Together by Margrave

– David Margrave GATHERS Fur and Feather –

#NetGalley  #WhenFurAndFeatherGetTogether

First Available April 1, 2018


A little boy and his dad sit on a hill talking about animals and what they’re called when they’re together. “When lions get together they call it a pride; I think I’d be looking for somewhere to hide.” The illustrations are rather simple but very cute: wise owls are wearing wigs, sheep parachuting from the clouds, and some fish with books and one with a backpack. The text is in rhyme.

Cons: None

Pros: This short book with cute illustration is a good way to teach young children a few terms they probably aren’t familiar with.

Author: David Margrave

Illustrator: Kim Wyly

Published by: Clovercroft Publishing, 2018

  • Approx Words: 229
  • Ages: 3 – 7
  • Pages: 32

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