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We’re All Ready For Our Bedtime Story

 – Do You Ever Outgrow Your Love For Picture Books? –

At a very early age, my parents would read to me at bedtime. Then in elementary school, I tagged along with my dad every time he went to the library. Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and a few picture books usually found their way into my checkout bag.

Not too much has changed over the years. I still love mysteries and picture books but I don’t tag along with my dad anymore. We do, however, share discussions about ebooks that we are currently reading.


Because my married name is so common, I have always included my maiden name: Shakespeare. And, yes, my ancestors came from England, a place I would love to visit someday.

I have created two other sites in hopes of encouraging both reading and writing.



Hopefully, these blogs will add to your interest in books.

Debbie Shakespeare Smith and husband

My wonderful husband, Larry, who has always been very supportive of my reading, writing,  and . . . arithmetic??  Oops! Not so much. I’m pretty sure all my math teachers spoke a foreign language. 
That’s why it was imperative that I marry a cute guy with a physics and math degree!

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