Come With Me by Holly M. McGhee

– Is It Possible She Can Help The World Be a Better Place? – Synopsis: The story begins with, “All over the world, the news told and told and retold of anger and hatred — People against people.” The main Continue Reading

When a Wolf is HUNGRY by C. Naumann-Villermin

 – What Will A Hungry Wolf Want to Wolf Down? – Synopsis: Edmond Bigsnout leaves his home in the woods to find some food: a rabbit. But not an ordinary cottontail, but a “grain-fed, silky-haired rabbit, one with a hint Continue Reading

Fiona’s Little Accident by Rosemary Wells

– From The Felix & Fiona Series – Synopsis: Fiona and Felix, best friends, have been working on a volcano for Show and Tell. When Fiona wakes up the morning of Show and Tell, she is so excited to get Continue Reading

You Are Not a Cat! by Sharon G. Flake

– Who Will Win? – Synopsis The entire story is told in speech bubbles between the cat and duck. Duck likes to pretend to be different animals, while cat gets more and more upset. Just because duck makes various animal Continue Reading

Buddy and Earl go exploring by Maureen Fergus

– Join Buddy and Earl On An Imagination-Filled Adventure – Synopsis Buddy, the dog, and Earl the hedgehog are just settling down for the night when Earl murmurs, “Bon voyage.” “Bon voyage,” murmurs Buddy back. Buddy is suddenly wide awake Continue Reading

When Sophie Thinks She Can’t . . . by Molly Bang

 – Sophie Needs A New Mindset! – Synopsis We find Sophie at the table trying to place various puzzle pieces into a square. When her older sister comes by, moves the pieces quickly into place and says, “Too bad you’re Continue Reading

11X Magic by Sharon Clark

– Can 11X Math Be Magical?  – Synopsis A book that teaches in such a fun way that kids may not know they are learning. The first thing that should catch a child’s attention is that a wizard greets the Continue Reading

When Fur and Feather Get Together by Margrave

– David Margrave GATHERS Fur and Feather – #NetGalley  #WhenFurAndFeatherGetTogether First Available April 1, 2018 Synopsis: A little boy and his dad sit on a hill talking about animals and what they’re called when they’re together. “When lions get together Continue Reading

The Goat With Many Coats by Leanne Lauricella

– Why Is A Goat Wearing a Coat? – Synopsis: An orphaned goat named Prospect weighs only one pound. When a woman adopts him she soon realizes that he’s so tiny that his coat isn’t thick enough to keep him Continue Reading

The Whale In My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan

 – Who Doesn’t Want A Whale In Their Pool? – Maybe The Boy Who Owns The Pool! Synopsis: “Race you to the pool!” says a boy wearing red swim trunks. But what’s waiting in the pool, the small wading pool, Continue Reading

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho! by Cronin and Lewin

– Surely Duck Will Help Create A Peaceful Christmas! – Synopsis: Farmer Brown is so excited as he prepares for the arrival of Santa. He’s placed socks on the mantle for the cows, sheep, pigs, and mice. Meanwhile, Duck has Continue Reading

Toad has Talent by Richard Smythe

– What’s Happening At The Pond? – Synopsis: The forest animals are looking forward to the first full moon of the winter. Why? They gather for the Moonlight Pond talent contest. Many have been practicing all year-long for this event. Continue Reading

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley

    – Will Anything Help Little Penguin? – Synopsis: Little Penguin immediately addresses the reader with, “Oh, hello. It’s so nice to HIC! meet you. Franklin said you would be here soon.” At this point, we have no idea Continue Reading