Baby Bird by Andrew Gibbs

  – Baby Bird Might Need A Friend – #NetGalley     #BabyBird Available March 2018 Synopsis: Baby Bird ended up being a little different from the other hatchlings. One of his wings was twisted and shrunken, but the other wing seemed Continue Reading

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds – Picture Book Sleuth Reviews

   – A Great Lesson For Young And Old – Synopsis: Ramon loves to draw. You could say it’s his passion since he does it anytime and just about everywhere. But one day Ramon’s big brother looks at one of Continue Reading

SIMON AND THE BIG, BAD, ANGRY BEASTS – a book about anger

– Simon Has A Big Problem He Needs To Tame – #NetGalley     #SimonAndTheBig,Bad,AngryBeasts Available April 2018 Synopsis: Simon handles his anger by having temper tantrums. But he is discovering that each time he has a tantrum the imaginary monster Continue Reading

You Can’t Win Them All, RAINBOW FISH by Marcus Pfister

– Rainbow Fish Is Back With A New Friend – Synopsis: Rainbow Fish and his friends decide to play hide-and-seek. When Rainbow Fish is asked by his new friend, Red Fin, to be “it” he readily agrees, since he’s fairly Continue Reading

Ada Lovelace (Little People, BIG DREAMS series)

– Any Idea Who This Lady Is And What She’s Done? – #NetGalley     #AdaLovelace Available  March 2018 Synopsis: This is a very simplified story about Ada Lovelace in the Little People, Big Dreams series. It has very limited facts, Continue Reading

Spring into Action! (Dinosaur Pals)

   – What Are The Dinosaur Pals Up To Now? – #NetGalley     #SpringIntoAction Available April 2018 Synopsis: The teacher tells her class that on Friday they will be helping by cleaning up Baker Street yard and making a garden Continue Reading

These Little Piggies Go To The Beach – Picture Book Sleuth review

  – A Family Day At The Beach – #NetGalley     #TheseLittlePiggiesGoToTheBeach Available April 1, 2018 Synopsis: This is a take on the traditional rhyme (This little piggy went to market . . . .).  It is told in a Continue Reading

Lying Up a STORM by Julia Cook

  – Will Levi Every Stop Telling Itty Bitty Lies? – Synopsis: Levi knows not to tell a lie, but his lies are just itty bitty lies to make his life a little more comfortable. At least at the time, it Continue Reading

Good Night, Reindeer by Denise Brennan-Nelson and Marco Bucci

   – Yawn. . .  It’s Bedtime – Synopsis: This is a very simple story of Santa checking in on all of his reindeer to make sure they are tucked in for the night. It is told in simple rhyme and Continue Reading

ROBINSON by Peter Sis

  – A Boy Who Loves Adventure – Synopsis: Peter and his multi-ethnic friends love to dress like pirates and pretend. When they hear their school is having a costume party Peter, of course, wants to dress like a pirate. Continue Reading

The King of TOO MANY THINGS by Laurel Snyder and Aurore Damant

– Can A King Ever Have Too Many Things? Synopsis: “Once upon a time in a small kingdom, with an even smaller king . . .” What a great way to begin a children’s book. We are introduced to young Continue Reading

I DON’T WANT TO BE BIG by Dev Petty and Mike Boldt

– Frog Is Sure That Getting Big Just Won’t Work For Him – Synopsis: Fans of the first picture book I Don’t Want To Be A Frog will love this book also. Frog won’t eat his dinner because he doesn’t Continue Reading

Not ‘Til Tomorrow, Phoebe / by Julie Zwillich

– Waiting Can Be So Harrrrrd! – #NetGalley   #Not’TilTomorrow,Phoebe Book Available March 15, 2018 Synopsis: Like many children, Phoebe gets so excited about things that will happen tomorrow that she begins to dislike the word tomorrow.  After all, she doesn’t Continue Reading