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A blog is such a great way to share your thoughts, feelings, and information. It can even occasionally serve as a therapeutic tool for letting off steam. As an example, when yet another of my publishers closed their doors I felt like throwing my hands up. For some, it’s extremely easy to get published. I guess that’s why I flinch when I see things like, “You can be anything you want to be.” No, you can attempt to be anything you want to be. Even if I really wanted to be a chemist, I will never be one, since the concept is like science fiction to me. My brain doesn’t work that way. I guess my point is that you can be the very best singer, but you’re going to have to have some breaks, a little luck, and of course we already stated talent. No music coach is going to make that happen. The desire on your part is certainly important but it isn’t always enough to make your dreams come true.

That being said, a blog is a good place to share you. The ups, the downs, the humor, the heartache. I hope you check out just that place for me by clicking on My Blog:

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I will occasionally be posting entries on this page too, so make sure to check both sites!

jumping from year 2017 to 2018


Happy New Year!

What better time to start a new resolution? Over two and a half years go I felt something not so good going on in my lower back. Hoping to take the easy fix, and truth be told to avoid the dreaded MRI, I made my way to lots of massage and physical therapy appointments. But, alas, ended up having major back surgery, followed by blood clots, followed by the same back surgery due to complications. Who would have guessed? I had a crazy long recovery that meant I had to abandon my blog and writing for a couple of years.


I’m now back to my desk and what I love. But I’m finding one more problem. This excited person is sitting at the computer too long. And all the news I’ve seen indicates that sitting too long anywhere is harmful to health. Oops!

My Resolution

Now to my resolution. I’ve downloaded a new app called Break Reminder. When I turn this app on it reminds me every 25 minutes to take a break. The break consists of five minutes. But if I get back earlier I just need to hit I’m back and it will start my 25 minutes again. If I prefer different times set, that is extremely easy to change. When my 25 minutes sitting is up and I have a five-minute break I usually go up and down stairs or other activity that requires more than standing, but even standing is helpful.

Make the Move!

When I was choosing an app I tried to look at reviews and pick something very simple since that was all I needed. But the best thing is for you to pick an app that works for your needs. Just get up and move in 2018.

Join Me!


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